Treblex Marine Guard

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Treblex Marine Guard

A heavy duty multi purpose NON-FLAMMABLE product providing superior lubrication and heavy duty corrosion protection for metal surfaces. Will protect against damage caused by water and airborne salt spray which causes corrosion damage to all types of marine and industrial equipment.

  • Drives out all moisture.
  • Forms a non hardening protective film.
  • Prevents corrosion.
  • Arrests and penetrates existing corrosion.
  • Lasts much longer than normal W.D. products.
  • 360° valve, use inverted if needed.

Typical Applications

When used as directed TREBLEX Marine Guard will provide superior lubrication and protection against all corrosion on most metal surfaces.

  • Frees nuts bolts, hinges, locks and latches.
  • Use to protect and lubricate outboard motors, marine linkages, winches and cables.
  • Protects exterior of marine engines.
  • Protects all machinery, therefore cutting down on maintenance costs.
  • Lubricates and helps free frozen joints assisting in the smooth operation of all moving parts.


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