Cyberbond 2610 Instant Adhesive, Ultra Fast Setting

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Product Description

Cyberbond 2610 is an ultra fast, low to medium viscosity cyanoacrylate adhesive for use on all types of substrates. It is particularly designed to set and adhere rapidly to inactive surfaces such as wood, leather and fiberglass mat, aswell as most plastics, rubber and vinyl.

  • Ultra fast
  • Surface insensitive
  • Viscosity: 90 – 180 mPa.s
  • Color: Clear
  • Set Time* (Metal/Rubber/Plastic): 10 – 2 – 2
  • Shear Strength (Steel): 10 – 22 N/mm2
  • Temperature Range: -55  to +80C
  • * Set Time is Approximate. Results will vary with temperature, climate and relative humidity.


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20g Bottle, 500g Bottle, 50g Bottle

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