Adhesive Properties


Properties of Cyberbond Adhesives

For virtually any bonding need, choose Cyberbond. At Cyberbond, we produce numerous adhesives that contain multiple properties for whatever your bonding requirements may be. Whether your industry is medical, military, cosmetics, personal care, or automotive—among others—we have the adhesive you need. We are committed to delivering only the highest quality adhesives available for bonding. From flexible to heat resistant to high viscosity to high temperature, Cyberbond has the adhesives you’re looking for to get the job done.

Black: Our black adhesives are consistent in their quality, so they will always conform to your company’s important production standards.

Clear: When you require a bond that cannot be seen, you need clear adhesives from Cyberbond.

Optically Clear: Our optically clear glue is available in a variety of customizable properties such as high strength, low viscosity, quick set time and more to meet your exact bonding requirements.

Flexible: When bonding two items together which already have flexible properties, you need a flexible adhesive to ensure the job is a success.

Heat Resistant: Our heat resistant adhesives will form bonds that can withstand high temperatures, ensuring that your bond will hold throughout extreme heat.

High Strength: Consistency is extremely important when it comes to high strength adhesives; that’s why Cyberbond works hard to guarantee that your bond will hold – every time.

High Temperature: Cyberbond produces high temperature glue which will consistently form bonds that can withstand extreme temperatures.

High Viscosity: Our high viscosity glues are consistent in their quality so they will always conform to your company’s production standards.

Removable: Our removable adhesive is consistent in its quality, so you can rest-assured knowing that it will always conform to your business’s production requirements

Thermal: Thermal adhesives are used for electronic components and heatsinks, as they are used for transferring heat from one surface to another.

Transparent: At Cyberbond, we have the ability to get you a single case of transparent glue for a small task or a large shipment for all of your growing production requirements.

Waterproof: The strongest bonds can easily fall apart when exposed to water in the right way, so make sure you choose a waterproof adhesive for your next project.