Adhesives for Screen Printers and Milling Professionals



Since its introduction, the Frame Fast® Adhesive System has been the standard for screen printers and milling professionals throughout the world. These patented products are designed  to bond various types of mesh to wood, metal, and plastic. We offer a wide range of cyanoacrylate adhesives with varying attributes and viscosities. Additionally, Frame Fast® offers a full  line of unique, two part screen bonding adhesives marketed under the Liquid Staple® brand name. Various accelerators and screen adhesive removers complete the Frame Fast® line of  products.

Screen Graphic Industry

Here screens are made to print e.g. CDs, T-Shirts, advertisement, paper etc. We have to take into consideration that the screens are washed by means of aggressive chemicals to get rid of paint. These chemicals can, of course, dissolve the CA. Our Frame Fast products withstand most cleaning processes, but the customer should always check beforehand. Furthermore these kind of screens do not last long. Therefore an easy disassembling is appreciated. Nevertheless it is absolutely necessary that due to the accuracy of the printing the tension of the fabrics remain stable.

Milling Industry eg. Sieves

Screens are needed for a filtering and sieving process. CA is normally used to sieve dry media. For this application Cyberbond carries an FDA approval. In other words, this approval is not valid for liquid goods. In contrast to the Screen Graphic Industry the sieves have to last for a long time. Also here the tension of the fabrics is very important and has to last very long as well, even if the fabric is mechanically stressed.




left picture: metal frame / synthetic fabric on stretching machine (FF270 already applied)

right picture: metal frame / metal fabric (FF297 already applied)

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