Cyberbond U 305, UV Curable, Medical Grade

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Cyberbond U 305

Cyberbond U305 is a medium-to-high viscosity, medical grade UV-curable adhesive designed for bonding a wide variety of plastics, and plastic/metal in a multitude of configurations. It is strong, flexible and well-suited to bonding dissimilar substrates. Cyberlite U305 is certified to the ISO standard 10993—Part 5 for Cytotoxicity.

  • Monomer Base: Modified Acrylate
  • Viscosity: 600-900 mPa·s
  • Color: Clear
  • Optimal wavelength: 325-420 nm
  • Fixture time*: < 8 seconds
  • Tensile shear strength (DIN EN 1465)
    • Polycarbonate: 2-4 N/mm²
    • PETG: 2-3 N/mm²
    • Polycarbonate to Aluminium: 3-4 N/mm²
  • Block shear strength (CB work instruction)
    • Glass: 10-12 N/mm²
    • Glass to Steel: 6-8 N/mm²
    • Glass to Aluminium: 7-9 N/mm²
  • Temperature Range: -30°C to 120°C
  • *CB work instruction, no gap, 4 mW/cm², lamp: LED Cyberlite4

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