Cybercryl 1326 Glass/Metal Structural Adhesive

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Cybercryl 1326 Structural Adhesive

Cybercryl 1326 is a medium viscosity, fast curing adhesive for bonding metals, magnets or ferrites, ceramics, and glass. Cybercryl 1326 can be heat cured at temperatures of 93°C (250°F) in less than ½ hour to total cure, fixtures in minutes with heated parts. Fixture speeds can be greatly increased with the use of Cybercryl 1094 Activator.

  • Amber
  • Use with activator 1094
  • Fixture time with activator 1094 = 20 seconds
  • High Strength and high tensile shear
  • Excellent adhesive for bonding:
    • Ferrites/Magnets
    • Metals
    • Ceramics
    • Glass


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