Treblex Brake & Parts Cleaner

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Treblex Brake & Parts Cleaner

A specially formulated  Brake Cleaner that does not contain chlorinated solvents. Designed to quickly and safely dissolve and remove grease, oil and contaminants from brakes, parts and slides and forklift chains. This Brake Cleaner Aerosol has the added advantage of a 360° valve, this allows you to use the can inverted.

When used as directed Treblex Brake & Parts Cleaner can be used for the following:

  • To remove brake fluid, oil, grease and other brake contaminants from brake drums, linings, springs, shoes, pads, discs and callipers.
  • Flushes away built up grease from clutches, clutch discs.
  • Helps stop brake disc squeal.
  • Can be used to clean parts and workshop tools.
  • Can be used to flush built up grease from chains and slides on forklifts and wire ropes on other industrial equipment.
  • Helps remove grease from CV joints and wheel bearings.


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