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UNICUT CF Drilling & Tapping Fluid

UNICUT™ CF is a range of premium performance lubricants designed for severe metal working operations such as drilling, reaming and tapping. They have been formulated to meet the latest environmental standards and disposal criteria as well as health and safety. The products in the range are designed to be free from mineral oil, chlorinated paraffin’s and other hazardous components.
UNICUT™ CF products possess outstanding lubrication and extreme pressure properties to provide excellent surface finish to components and to protect tooling from wear and damage. They are suitable for most drilling, reaming and tapping (spiral point, spiral flute and flute less) operations on most metals. It is advisable that the compatibility of the product is checked, prior to use, with work piece, tooling and machine components as some sulphurised extreme pressure additives may interact with some metals.

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent extreme pressure and anti-wear performance
  • Chlorine and mineral oil free
  • Maximises tool life in arduous operations
  • Available in liquid and paste


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