Zinc Gal

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Zinc Gal

EAL ZINC GAL is a heavy duty, zinc-rich primer that provides long term protection to iron and steel. The cathodic (galvanic) action between the ferrous metal and the metallic zinc forms a sacrificial protective barrier against corrosion.

EAL ZINC GAL contains a high concentration of very fine particles of 98.5% pure zinc with 91.4% zinc in the dry film. Meets the requirements of AS/NZS 3750:9, paints for steel structures.

Typical Applications

  • Agricultural machinery
  • Restoration of galvanized steel roofing
  • Mining equipment, oil rigs and off-shore drilling structures
  • Underground pipe lines, ducts, automotive bodies
  • Fences & gates
  • Air conditioning units
  • Railroad equipment, structural steel tanks, transmission towers
  • Repairing welds and previously galvanized surfaces



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