Anaerobic Adhesives

The Cyberbond range of anaerobic adhesives includes products for threadlocking, threadsealing, retaining and gasketing

Anaerobic Sealants are designed for locking, sealing, retaining and bonding metal parts and assemblies. They come in a single component liquid form and cure at room temperature when in direct contact with metal and not exposed to air. Heat can accelerate the cure rate.

Threadlocking anaerobic adhesives enable you to lock screws, nuts, bolts and studs to protect against loosening caused by vibration.
This product will help prevents nuts rusting on to bolts, is more cost – effective and lubricates for easier assembly

Anaerobic Retaining Adhesives are for the permanent bonding of co-axial joints.
The benefit of this product includes rapid, quick and easy assembly of parts.
Gasketing anaerobic adhesives are designed to replace traditional cork, wood, rubber, paper and silicone gaskets.

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