Cyberbond MRO Mini Kit

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Cyberbond MRO Mini Kit

The Cyberbond MRO (Maintenance Repair & Overhaul) Mini Kit was developed with the busy trades person in mind, ensuring that all their essential day to day products are in a convenient and easy transportable kit. Be it in the workshop, on site or out on the road the kits saves time by having these essential products easily accessible.

The MRO Mini Kit includes the following products in a convenient carry kit:

  • TM11 Threadlocker 10ml
    Low Strength. Use on small diameter fasteners where easy disassembly is required.
  • TM44 Threadlocker 10ml
    Medium Strength. General purpose nut lock.
  • TH62 Threadlocker 10ml
    High Strength. Suitable for heavy duty applications on nuts, bolts & studs.
  • SM40 Hydraulic Sealant 10ml
    Medium Strength. Locking and sealing straight and tapered metal fine threads, such as hydraulic and pneumatic fittings.
  • RH86 Retaining Compound 10ml
    Use to bond cylindrical parts eg. bushes, bearings etc.
  • CyberFix 20g / CyberFill 30g
    Will bond most common materials and when used with the filling powder will fill gaps, cracks, joints & holes. Repair almost anything.
  • Silver Grade Anti-Seize 35g
    Multi-purpose, high temperature anti-seize compound. Allows easier disassembly of mating surfaces.

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