LINOP M1500 Dosing Unit

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LINOP M1500 Dosing Unit

The microprocessor and pneumatically controlled LINOP M 1500 is the most important part in the dosing system for Cyberbond Anaerobics Adhesives as well as for high viscosity Cyanoacrylates (> 2.000 mPa*s). As a compact table top unit it is suitable for any place of work where exact and reproducible dosing amounts are required. The electronics can also be used to integrate the dosing system in serial production lines. The control unit is designed to apply the smallest drops as well as programmed lines. The unit can practically be called “maintenance free”. As the basis of the modular construction system it can be combined with the following components:

  • Pressure pot LINOP PP  for storing adhesives
    1. LINOP PP 505 aluminum container for 500 g Cyberbond CA and 250 g AN and UV bottle
    2. LINOP 5 l aluminum container for 2 kg Cyberbond AN and 1 kg Cyberbond UV bottle
    3. LINOP 40 l V2A-container for 20 kg Cyberbond CA carboys
  • Dosing valve LINOP VCA or VAN pneumatic valves for CA, AN and UV adhesives up to 20.000 mPa*s
  • Accessories LINOP FOT footswitch as an impulse device

Therefore a complete dosing station has to contain the following single components:

  • Basic unit
  • Pressure pot with empty alarm
  • Dosing valve
  • Impulse device (footswitch or external device)

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The LINOP M 1500 is a dosing unit for Cyberbond reactive adhesives and has been developed with the most up date knowledge available in microelectronics. The features are:

  • Microprocessors for every control step
  • Operating modes single / permanent impulse available
  • Low voltage 24 V, external power pack ~ 230 V
  • Empty alarm when using a pressure pot with level control
  • Start impulse electric potential free processed
  • Extended dosing time range (from 0.01 to 99.99 s)
  • Extended electronic pressure control (0,01 to 2,00 bar)
  • 5 possibilities to store individual pressure and time regulation
  • Integrated flexible valve holder
  • Maximum viscosity: about 20.000 mPa*s










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