LINOP Dosing Valve VCA, VAN

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LINOP Dosing Valve VCA, VAN

The pneumatic controlled dosing valves LINOP VCA (Cyanoacrylates; golden metal ring) and LINOP VAN (Anaerobics and UV; blue or green metal ring) have been designed for the application of one component reactive adhesives. The valves open when the pneumatic cylinder is charged with at least 4 bar of compressed air. After switching off the air a spring closes the valve in flow direction. Inside the dosing valve a PTFE diaphragm that shields the metal parts of the pneumatic cylinder against the product. The valve body and the entire product touching parts are made out of PTFE. This is to prevent the product from starting the hardening process.These valves are exclusively compatible with the LINOP M 1500 control unit! The valves are especially suitable for higher viscosities (> 1.000 mPa*s). Maximal to be used viscosity is about 20.000 mPa*s.


The VAN valves offer a slight suck back functionality to prevent dripping. The VCA version does not have this feature intentionally, because air would be sucked back into the tubing that could start the polymerization of the Cyanoacrylates.

Technical Data

Compressed air:

4 – 6 bar

Product pressure:

0.1 – 3.0 bar

Product contact parts:


Shortest time adjustment:

0.02 sec

Adaptor thread:

M10 x 1

Overall length:

Approx. 130 mm


Width without attachment screws:

Approx. 30 mm

Dosing amount adjustment

The dosing amount can be easily varied by:

  • adjusting the valve stroke (by turning the valve regulation screw)
  • changing the container pressure (0,05 – 3 bar) – on the control unit LINOP M 1500
  • altering the valve opening times on the control unit LINOP M 1500

With these possibilities every desired dosing amount is achievable.


The valves should be viewed as consumable items as they can only be repaired to a limited extent. Cyberbond supplies valves as separate items.

LINOP Adaptors for Valves

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LINOP Dosing Tips for Valves

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