LINOP PP505 Pressure Pot

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LINOP PP505 Pressure Pot

The most commonly used pressure pots for reactive adhesives contain a volume of 1 liter. They accommodate 500 g Cyanoacrylate round bottles and 250 g Anaerobic and light cured oval bottles. Cyberbond offers the LINOP PP 505, a blue anodized aluminum pressure pot. The LINOP PP 505 has simple to use quick-release fasteners. Every Cyberbond pressure pot is equipped with a capacitive sensor, respectively an empty alarm. This is highly recommended and helps prevent the system from running dry.

Here we concentrate on the common pressure pots. Cyberbond offers two generations of the so called 1 liter tanks. The LINOP PP 1 l is a pressure diecasted pressure pot made of aluminum. It has proven its abilities and reliability for years. The LINOP PP 505 is a new model that is machined out of aluminum. The new tank has a simple to use quick-release fastener. It can be used with the 500 g round bottle and also be equipped with 250 g oval bottles.

Technical Data

Suitable units:

CB 500 g cyanoacrylate round bottle
CB 500 g UV oval bottle
CB 250 g AN obal bottle


Height: 240 mm (without pipe adapter)
Inner diameter: 94 mm
Outer diameter: 120 mm (without empty alarm)


Body: blue anodised
Lid: silver anodized










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