Medical Adhesives

Medical Adhesives – Medical Glue Solutions

Are you in the need for medical glue or medical adhesives to meet your exact needs for medical device manufacturing? Cyberbond has all of your important medical adhesive needs covered. Our medical glue has the consistent quality you can depend on to conform to all of your company’s production standards. At Cyberbond, we have the ability to get you single cases for small applications or produce mass quantities to meet your growing production requirements.

Medical Glue Solutions

Many of our adhesives have passed ISO 10993 certification for cytotoxicity, irritation and sensitization, or systemic toxicity. Our medical device adhesives are designed to meet our customers’ exact specifications, and our ISO 13485 certification ensures that they are consistently made—the same way every time. The medical device manufacturing industry relies heavily on the adhesive industry to guarantee consistent and reliable adhesives. Because adhesive failure could mean the difference between life and death, at Cyberbond we strive to guarantee the reliability of your medical device adhesives (learn more about surface treatment for hard-to-bond & clean substrates). Our 13485 certification also means we can guarantee our medical device adhesives will meet any local or international standards that may apply. At Cyberbond, we are among only a few adhesive manufacturers in the world to be certified to this standard. Whether you require a medical device adhesive that is elastic, low viscosity, medium viscosity, high viscosity, flexible, quick set time or anything else, you can entrust your medical gluing needs to Cyberbond. For more information about our medical glue solutions, please give us a call today!