LINOP EM24 Dosing Valve

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LINOP EM24 Dosing Valve

The LINOP EM 24 valve has become the benchmark in the market for cyanoacrylate valves. There are multiple reasons for this development. The valve is small and light weight. That is why it is predestined for the direct use in PLC controlled robot lines. The contacts are exclusively electronic, connecting it carries no problems. The valve is capable of applying the smallest amounts of adhesives (0.005 g).

If the LINOP EM 24 should be controlled by a separate control unit only the LINOP M 2000 meets the requirements.


Make sure that the dosing tip faces up when carrying out the installation process until bubble free Cyberbond flows out. Otherwise an air cushion builds up inside the valve which leads to inaccurate dosing or could even start the hardening process of the adhesive.


For the cleaning of the valves (especially cyanoacrylate valves) we recommend Cyberbond 9060 D-Bonder. Cyberbond 9060 dissolves and removes cyanoacrylates. Chemically Cyberbond 9060 is an organic ester. Compared to other solvents Cyberbond 9060 is not highly flammable (flashpoint +109° C). Cyberbond 9060 is ideal for:

  • Dissolve and remove of cyanoacrylates.
  • Cleaning of dosing units, which compared to other solvents offers the advantage that no condensation is left in the system. By this Cyberbond 9060 prevents an early polymerization inside the dosing system.
  • Cleaning of dosing tips, tools etc. that are in touch with cyanoacrylates.

Technical Data

Product pressure:

0,01 – 2,00 bar

Product contact parts:


Power Supply:

20 – 30 V DC

Isolation Class:

IP 00

Shortest possible valve opening and closing time:

5ms to 10ms

Length Overall:

Approx. 48mm

Width without attachment screws:

Approx. 33mm


Approx. 72g incl. adaptor

For connection variations for product dosing see “adaptors and dosing tips”.

Dosing amount adjustment

The dosing amount can be varied by:

  • changing the container pressure (0,01 – 2,00 bar) – on the control unit
  • altering the valve opening times on the control unit LINOP M 2000

With these opportunities every desired dosing amount is possible.


The valves have to be seen as consumption items and cannot be repaired. Appropriate usage of the valves should make possible more than 1 million switching cycles without problems.

Adaptors and dosing tips

At Cyberbond we have tried to keep the number of adaptors as low as possible. The input and output adaptors are similar and end up with a Luerlock thread. On these the plastic and metal dosing tips shown in the table below can be used safely.

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LINOP Dosing Tips for Valves

Using dosing tips in conjunction with the valves allow the products to be dispensed in the best possible manner. Metal and plastic based needles are distinguished here.. Both are equipped with a Luer Lock connector.

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