Linop U 400 Control Unit

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LINOP U 400 Control Unit

The LINOP U 400 is the base to control the spotlight systems Cyberlite4 and Cyberlite4 S and the floodlight unit CyberFlood 400 S.

Cyberlite 4 and Cyberlite 4 S

Up to 4 Cyberlites in parallel can be connected with this device.  Each light can be adjusted individually depending on the intensity required.  Should 4 positions not be enough, then a LINOP Splitter can be introduced allowing for 3 lights to be connected per exit. This means that with the aid of one device, control of up to 12 Cyberlite4 lamps is made possible. However, direct activation of each lamp is not possible.

CyberFlood 400 S

There is the option to control in maximum 2 CyberFlood 400 S lamps with the LINOP U 400 unit. Each lamp can be adjusted depending on the intensity required.The LINOP U 400 is a state of the art, microprocessor-controlled UV curing device. In typical Cyberbond fashion, the ergonomically designed electronic display panel allows for easy viewing and simplified selection of the programmes. When used as a tabletop unit, the Cyberlite4 UV lamp is held in place by the user-friendly flexible arm, allowing for very easy lamp positioning. The unit is also compatible with any PLC and can be easily integrated for use on a production line. Via the membrane keyboard, features such as length of exposure and the intensity of each individual LED lamp can be fixed and saved within 5 memory locations. The electrical impulse to start the light is typically given by means of a foot or hand switch.Another handy installation is the ‘Cont’ that is used for the determination of the optimal length of exposure. A timer counts the past exposure of light in seconds.

Characteristics of LINOP U 400

  • Microprocessor switchable for every control
  • Mode is switchable for single impulse or permanent impulse
  • Extra low voltage 24 V, external power adapter ~ 230 V, galvanic separated assembly
  • Start signal is processed potential-free
  • Large range of dosing time (0, 01 to 99, 99 sec.)
  • 5 memory locations for individual time and pressure control
  • Integrated flexible arm for easy positioning of the lamp










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