Treblex Moly Chain Lube

Treblex Moly

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Treblex Moly Chain Lube

This product is reinforced with molybdenum disulphide an exceptionally tough lubricant with adhesive qualities limiting wear to all surfaces by reducing friction and extending component life.

  • Solvent carrier is food grade quality.
  • Contains Molybdenum Disulphide.
  • Specially formulated for all chain drive applications.
  • Suitable for O Ring Chains where high speeds, temperature and high loads are encountered.
  • Has proven high penetrative ability ensuring positive lubrication of internal and external chain components.
  • Superior Polymer technology providing a tenacious adhesive long lasting film.
  • Reduces wear and friction and increases chain life.
  • Adhesive high pressure lubricant resists fling off.
  • Lasting lubrication for difficult applications where normal lubrication is not effective.
  • Resists salt and hot or cold water wash off.


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