Treblex Taclube

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Treblex Taclube

Exceptional lubricant with superior synthetic polymer technology that has tenacious adhesive qualities that resist fling off. Extreme pressure additives protect parts subjected to vibration and shock loading. Contains anti-wear & anti-corrosion chemistry. TACLUBE provides long lasting lubrication for many difficult applications where normal lubricants are not effective.

Typical Applications

  • Provides heavy duty protection in a clean efficient form.
  • Instant adhesive bond to metal surfaces as the carrier evaporates.
  • Penetrates quickly into difficult to access areas.
  • Reduces wear and friction.
  • Increases all component life.
  • Resists salt and hot or cold water wash off.
  • Temperature range from -35ºC to 170ºC.
  • 360º valve, use inverted if needed.


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