CO2 Contact Cleaner

Treblex CO2 Contact Cleaner

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Product Description

Treblex CO² Contact Cleaner

TREBLEX CO² Contact Cleaner when used as directed will rapidly and safely remove contaminants from boards, switches and plugs. This product is a technically superior, fast drying, non residual precision cleaning solvent. Ensure equipment is turned off as this formula is flammable. Use Treblex Contact Cleaner NF if a non flammable product is needed.

  • Non corrosive.
  • Non staining.
  • Non residual.
  • Evaporates completely.
  • Contains no lubricants.
  • Plastic safe.
  • Inert, stable, high purity.
  • Safe and effective cleaning.
  • 360° valve, use inverted if needed.


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350g Aerosol

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