Treblex Non-Flammable Contact Cleaner


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Treblex Non-Flammable Contact Cleaner

TREBLEX Non Flammable Contact Cleaner is suitable for use in all electrical appliances. The product has NO FLASH POINT, is NON FLAMMABLE and does not contain any lubricants. TREBLEX Non Flammable Contact Cleaner is a technically superior, stable, inert, high purity cleaning solvent. and contains no lubricants. This can be used as a precision cleaner of all powered electrical and electronic equipment. Treblex Non Flammable Contact Cleaner has rapid and complete evaporation.


  • 360° valve, use inverted if needed.
  • Non Flammable, no flash point.
  • Large 450gm can.
  • Chemically stable, non corrosive and non conductive.
  • Contains no methyl chloroform or CFC 113.
  • Fast evaporating highly refined solvents, leaves no residue.
  • Superior non staining cleaning solvent.
  • Helps prevent contact failure by dissolving and flushing away contaminants.
  • Instantly removes grease, oil, dirt, flux and other potential contaminants.


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