Copper Adhesives

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Are you looking for copper adhesives for general purpose, electronics or equipment manufacturing needs? When it comes to copper adhesive, Cyberbond is the manufacturer you can depend upon. Copper is a highly-conductive, corrosion resistant and ductile metal which is easily bonded by epoxies, acrylics or cyanoacrylates offered by Cyberbond. Our copper bonding materials can accommodate all of your copper bonding needs. At Cyberbond, we give you the opportunity to purchase single cases of glue for small applications, as well as mass quantities to meet your growing production requirements. Cyberbond is an international industrial adhesive manufacturer that businesses all over the world can rely on for their copper glue needs.

Copper Glue Solutions

Cyberbond is highly-regarded for setting the strictest requirements for all of the adhesives we produce. Cyberbond is the adhesives manufacturer you can depend upon for superior quality copper adhesives available in high strength, low viscosity, quick set time or a variety of colours. Cyberbond remains committed to quality through ISO 9001:2008 certification, ISO/TS 16949:2009 certification and ISO 13485:2002 certification.

Copper Adhesives from Cyberbond

Please check out the following copper adhesives which Cyberbond is proud to offer: